Libya embassy shooting: 'Isis' gunmen launch deadly attack on Korean embassy in Tripoli

Reports suggest at least two people were killed

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Isis has reportedly launched an attack on the South Korean embassy in Libya, killing at least two people.

Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted foreign ministry officials in Seoul, who said the attack was carried out by "an armed group of Islamic militants" who fired on the front of the embassy compound in Tripoli.

Local media reports described the incident as a "sniper"-style attack and said that the car fled the scene afterwards.

Isis-linked Twitter accounts boasted of shooting dead "two guards of the embassy of South Korea" and claimed that they were responsible for reporting information from inside Tripoli to the US.

An alert put out by Isis's media arm said: "Soldiers of khilafah neutralised the guards of the South Korea embassy".

Officials in Seoul could only confirm the death of at least one guard, however, with reports suggesting the second man may not have been an employee of the embassy.

"There are no casualties of South Korean nationals," the official said.

The US embassy in Tripoli was evacuated in July last year, the second time all American citizens were pulled out of the Libyan capital in three years.

The UK followed suit a short while later on 2 August, suspending operations and urging Britons to leave the country in a situation described by the then-ambassador Michael Aron as "very sad".