Oscar Pistorius trial: Athlete's cross-examination begins (full transcript)


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State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, known in South Africa as the 'pit bull', has started his cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius's murder case in brutal fashion. Read the full transcript below:

Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel- You still are one of the most recognized faces in the world, do you agree?

Oscar Pistorius- I agree my lady.

GN- You are a model for both disabled and able-bodied sportsmen all over the world.

OP- I think I was my lady. I’ve made a terrible mistake and….

GN- You made a mistake?

OP- That’s correct.

GN- You killed a person, that’s what you did, isn’t it?

OP- I made a mistake.

GN- You killed Reeva Steenkamp, that’s what you did.

OP- I made a mistake.

GN- You’re repeating it three times – what was your mistake?

OP- My mistake was that I took Reeva’s life my lady.

GN- You killed her! You shot and killed her! Won’t you take responsibility for that?

OP- I did my lady.

GN- Then say it then, say yes – I shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

OP- I did my lady.

GN- Okay then. Mr Pistorius, people look up at you as a sport hero. Is that correct?

OP- I don’t check any of my media things any more, I don’t check any of my media reports. I know that lots of people’s opinions of me have changed. I know people in the past did look up to me.

GN- Let’s talk about in the past – before you killed Reeva, people looked up to you?

OP- That’s correct my lady.

GN- You have a responsibility to now tell the truth. Let us get to the truth.

OP- I think I have a responsibility for myself and Reeva to tell the truth my lady.

GN- And you will now?

OP- I’m here to tell the truth, the truth as much as I can remember on that night.

GN- And you will not hide things from the court?

OP- I won’t my lady.

GN- And coupled with that, you live strictly on Christian principles?

OP- I try to my lady. I’m human, I make many faults, I have sins. I am a Christian because of the reason that I’m a sinner, the Lord said he came down for the people that had sins. I don’t always think the things I do are right.

GN- But as a Christian, you will not lie.

OP - I will try not to lie my lady, as I said, I’m human. I’m here to tell the truth.