Teens arrested in Morocco after picture of kiss is posted on Facebook


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A teenage boy and girl living in Morocco have been arrested after posting a picture on a social networking site of themselves kissing.

The pair are being held for violating public decency after their picture was published by a local newspaper and will appear before a juvenile court next week.

The image, captured by a friend and uploaded onto Facebbok, shows the pair kissing outside of the high school they attend in the north-eastern town of Nador.

“It involves a teenage boy and his girlfriend. They were arrested on Thursday for violating public decency by posting a photo of them kissing” in the northeastern town of Nador, said Chakib al-Khayari, president of the Rif Association of Human Rights on Friday.

Online protests have begun to take shape since their arrest and a campaign to post a million copycat pictures was launched.

A sit-in outside the detention centre where the teenagers are being held is also reportedly underway.