Tunisian hotel shooting: Police release photos of terror attack suspected accomplices

Rafkhe Talari and Bin Abdallah are both wanted by Tunisian authorities in connection with the massacre

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Tunisian police have released images of two men being sought in connection with last week’s beach attack that left 39 people dead.

The photos are of two men identified as Rafkhe Talari and Bin Abdallah, though their connection to the deceased gunman Seifeddine Rezgui is not clear. Authorities said they did not believe either of the men shot tourists.

Rezgui, 23, who opened fire on a beach in the popular holiday destination of Sousse last Friday, appears to have been part of an Isis sleeper cell.

Reports from Sky News have suggested he was part of a five-man cell, though Tunisian police have not said whether they believe the suspects identified in the new photographs to have been part of this.

The UK government confirmed that 21 people died in the terror attack but warned that the number could rise to 30. There will be a minute’s silence later in the week.

Despite conflicting reports of a second gunman also shooting tourists, all tunisian authorities have said is that accomplices may have provided Rezgui him with weapons and “logistical support”.