Two arrested over journalist killing

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Rwandan authorities have arrested two people over the shooting of a reporter who had criticised the government. Security minister Moussa Fazil Harelimana told journalists that one of the two has confessed.

Jean-Leonard Rugambage, the acting editor of Umuvugizi newspaper, was shot to death in Kigali by two men who then fled in their car. The newspaper's exiled former editor accused the government of being responsible, a claim it denies.

"Two people implicated in the killing of the journalist Jean-Leonard Rugambage are now in the hands of the police. One of them has admitted guilt," said Mr Harelimana. "He told the police he committed the act to take revenge against the journalist who killed his brother in the 1994 Tutsi genocide."

Mr Rugambage was cleared of taking part in the genocide in 2006.