UN told to show leadership on Libya

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David Cameron urged the UN to "show some leadership" on Libya today after the UK tabled a resolution calling for a no-fly zone.

The Prime Minister admitted there was a "wide range of views" within the Security Council over how to deal with violence between Muammar Gaddafi's forces and rebels.

But he insisted action had to be taken to "get rid of this regime".

"Yesterday evening after extensive discussion with Lebanon, France, the US and others, the UK did table a new draft Security Council resolution at the UN," Mr Cameron told the Commons.

"This includes a no-fly zone banning all flights except humanitarian flights, and it also includes an extension of the travel ban and the asset freeze, and tougher enforcement of the arms embargo - particularly on the Libyan government.

"Of course there are a wide range of views in the UN but I would urge others to take the right steps so that actually we show some leadership on this issue and make sure that we get rid of this regime."