Video of nanny abusing toddler shocks Uganda after father posts footage online

Concerned father planted hidden cameras in his home after finding bruises on his 18-month-old daughter

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A video of a toddler being abused by her nanny has shocked Uganda after the child's father posted the footage on Facebook.

Eric Kamanzi installed a hidden camera in his sitting room after coming home from work one day to find his small daughter limping and covered in bruises.

Shocking footage revealed the nanny Mr Kamanzi had hired to care for his 18-month-old toddler viciously beating the girl after she is sick. Throwing the child on to the floor, nanny Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, proceeds to severely beat her with a torch.

Ms Tumuhirwe, who Mr Kamanzi reported to Ugandan police on 13 November, is then seen standing on top of the infant, before picking her up and dragging her – dangling on one arm – from the room.

The concerned father shared the video privately with close friends and family after reviewing the footage, but they then shared it on to others.

Mr  Kamanzi told BBC Trending: "Personally, I prefer my privacy but I'm sure I helped a lot of people out there and on that note I'm happy that the video is out there".

He added that his daughter is now physically well.

Child minders in Uganda do not require any qualifications and the video, which has been viewed more than 27 million times after being posted on Facebook, has provoked debate from the African continent to the American west coast.

Andrew Desh Kananura, who originally shared the video on Facebook, wrote last week that he was “humbled” by the reaction the post had had.

“It was a genuine matter of concern I never ever knew that it would go viral,” he continued.

Ms Tumuhirwe will appear in court on 8 December.