View from the blogs: 'Tsvangirai will soon be dead in the eyes of Zimbabweans'

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Bev Clark on

"The international community is not going to come charging in to help no matter how much Morgan shuttles around. We might get a few more travel bans and names on sanctions lists... Zimbabweans are intelligent people. They saw how useless the UN was in Rwanda – how will little old Zimbabwe rate in their list of priorities? Zimbabweans are suffering a devastating lack of leadership from Morgan "Asylum" Tsvangirai. He should be here, on the front lines inspiring hope and being among his supporters. He's worried that he'll become a "dead hero" – well pretty soon he will be dead in the eyes of Zimbabweans because so many of us are entirely unimpressed with his sorry arse."

Natasha Msonza on

"There is a hell of a lot Mbeki or our neighbours can do. For instance, we applaud the move by... the South African naval intelligence for resisting and blocking the entry of the arms reportedly en route to Zimbabwe aboard a Chinese ship. Another thing Mbeki, South Africa or the rest of Southern Africa Development Community can do is make it difficult for these big chiefs to enter their countries. Hit them with another wave of sanctions; 'local' ones this time around. [And] if Annan could broker a deal that saw a semblance of peace descend on Kenya, then surely, talks conducted in the right way can achieve positive results?"

Roy on

"I wonder what has happened to Nelson Mandela and the Rev Desmond Tutu. Surely these are the people who should be getting involved. They were critical in helping solve the problems in the state of South Africa. Their influence should surely have more effect than President Mbeki in dealing with Zimbabwe, who, after all, is just working out his time."

Michael on

"Even if the UN do get involved, it is unlikely to be more than the hot air they seem to be so good at dispensing these days... The sooner they realise that men like Mugabe do not react to talking and diplomacy the better. Maybe then we can get something done that's not just blowing hot air. Meanwhile, the two countries that should be taking a front seat in this drive for an election free of rigging and near terrorist tactics by Zanu-PF sit on their hands and do nothing. Britain and the USA put Mugabe where he is today (and their machinations also scuppered an earlier peaceful end to the war of the 1970s), yet now all they can do is think about saving face against the cries of Western colonialism."

James Hall on

"A father's place is at home, President Tsvangirai, and so is a leader's... President Tsvangirai, the people who worked, campaigned and risked life and limb for you to make it to State House are being hunted down and swatted like mosquitoes. Their blood is staining the walls of Great Zimbabwe. The leadership of the MDC is nowhere in sight. One of the values of a social democratic society is solidarity with the poor and oppressed. This is an opportune time to demonstrate the courage that has won you much-deserved respect. Do not let them down now when they need their leader."

Alex Magaisa offers some creative answers to the classic question: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Robert Mugabe: "The chicken will never be allowed to cross the road. Not in my lifetime! Let those that run away to Bush and Brown do so. Not my chicken! My chicken will never cross the road. It will never be colonised again!"

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: "We are not in a position to say whether or not the chicken crossed the road. There are some people who have complained that it probably wasn't a chicken at all and others saying it was being pushed or dragged against its will. We are currently considering whether to do a re-check before we can officially declare if the chicken crossed the road. We will take as long as we want to be fully certain that it was a chicken that crossed the road."

Tendai Biti: "We have irrefutable evidence from those who were at the road that the chicken has, indeed, without any shadow of doubt, crossed the road. I hereby declare that Chicken Huku Inkuku is now the legitimate resident of the other side of the road."

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