Watch the first-ever BASE jump from Mount Kilimanjaro

The historic jump was from the top of Africa’s highest mountain took a year to plan

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This is the moment one man makes history – and it’s pretty incredible.

Russian adventurer Valery Rozov has performed a BASE jump from the top of Mount Kilimajiro, the highest mount in Africa.

The 50-year-old veteran BASE jumper hiked up the mountain in Tanzania and reached the summit, measuring 5,460 metres.

He then found the nearest exit point on the top of the Western Breach Wall and jumped from there.

With a camera attached his helmet, Rozov captured his incredible descent during which he travelled over three kilometres.

As he descends Rozov soars over the snow-capped sides of the mountain before landing and being greeted by a group of supporters.

Rozov explained that there was no guarantee of success given the clouds that usually gather around the summit.

“I prepared for this jump for one year,” Rosov said after making the jump, “so it's a special feeling when you're successful, as you can imagine. I'm very excited to have made it.”

He has performed numerous BASE jumps from mountains during his career, including one from Everest in 2013.