10-year-old girl comes up with three important reasons Donald Trump should never be President

'Number one, he doesn’t have any experience, at all'

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A 10-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter has delivered some candid reasons why Donald Trump, the front-runner of the Republican presidential nomination, should never be US President.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Lexi, who was phone banking at Ms Clinton’s South Carolina headquarters on Saturday - the day of the Palmetto State primary, took fire at the business mogul when asked for her thoughts about the Republican candidate.

“Number one, he doesn’t have any experience, at all. And he sits there and thinks, ‘Oh I’m Mr Donald Trump, I know everything,’ which is sort of like my brother", says Lexi, around seven minutes into a video posted by HuffPost Politics.

“He’s just rich, a lot of people just vote for him because they think they’ll get some money too. But that’s not it.”


HuffPost's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani takes us through Hillary HQ with chicken & waffles on primary day in S.C. (Yes, chicken & waffles.)

Posted by HuffPost Politics on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lexi also took aim at Mr Trump’s past comments regarding religion and immigration.

“It’s ridiculous I mean, look at all these people, your best friend you may not know is Muslim or Jewish,” she said. “And Bernie Sanders, he’s Jewish. You don’t see anybody talking about that.

“He’s just building an environment for the kids, their parents are voting for Donald Trump, but little do they know that their kids will grow up not having a good education and not having good jobs.”

However, it was Mr Trump’s hair cut that received the most biting response from Lexi.

“I don’t want ‘Mr I don’t think that’s his real hair’ being president. His hair, look at it! Look at it, it’s gross. It’s like a little toupee or something. I can’t believe that’s his real hair.”

When asked why she was supporting Ms Clinton’s presidential campaign, Lexi said: “I love how she supports women’s rights, she supports gay rights […] and she supports having less guns.”

A poll released on Monday found Mr Trump has more support among Republican voters than all of his rivals combined.

The CNN-ORC poll put Mr Trump on 49 points, while support for Mr Trump’s rivals (including Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz and Ben Carson) totalled just 47 per cent.

The same poll puts Ms Clinton comfortably clear of her Democratic rival Bernie Saunders rival, putting them on 55-38 respectively.

On Tuesday, a total of 14 states and territories will hold their primary elections and Mr Trump is set to win many of them.