Airbus A320 Air Canada plane crashes on runway at Halifax airport

No one was killed in the plane crash, which occurred in bad weather

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An Air Canada aircraft has reportedly been written off after crash landing at Halifax airport in bad weather.

The Airbus A320 “exited the runway” at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and 23 people, suffering non-life threatening injuries, have been taken to hospital Air Canada confirmed. There were no fatalities.

Flight AC624 from Toronto had 132 passengers and five crew members on board when it touched down at 12.30am local time on Sunday morning.

Airport spokesman Peter Spurway said that the aircraft landed in stormy conditions.

“It came down pretty hard and then skidded off the runway.” It is unknown whether runway conditions are to blame for the incident.

Environment Canada had issue a snowfall warning for the region and issued a statement that read:  “Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.”

A number of flights were cancelled to allow emergency services to deal with the situation and the runway remains closed.

Power went down at Halifax airport following the crash, meaning the emergency response had to be coordinated from a nearby hotel.

Travellers in the airport’s terminal buildings were left in darkness for 80 minutes before the electricity connection was restored.

The cause of the outage is unknown, but some have speculated it is related to the crash and reports claim the plane’s wing clipped power lines as it came in to land.

Air Canada has said they will cooperate fully with the authorities in their investigtions.

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