Airline evacuates entire flight after tarantula escapes from hold

Baboon tarantula was eventually recaptured

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A flight in the US was grounded and the passengers transferred to another flight after a tarantula escaped from the hold.

The Delta Airline flight 1525 from Baltimore to Atlanta was grounded at around 7pm on Thursday after baggage handlers realised the baboon tarantula was lose on the plane.

A spokesperson for the airline said the captain ordered the plane to remain on the runway at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, while the search continued.

Concerns were raised the spider might not be alone, prompting an intense search of the entire aircraft – as well as a call to the spider’s handler to ensure it had been travelling alone.

“Safety and security are our top priorities,” Delta spokesperson Brian Kruse told the Baltimore Sun.

Eventually, to the relief of all, the spider was eventually found.

Passengers of the flight were transferred to another plane and eventually flew out three hours after the alarm was raised.

Additional reporting by Press Association