American Sniper Chris Kyle murder trial: Jurors hear 'bizarre' voicemail message left for Navy SEAL by alleged killer

Messages were left prior to fatal trip to a Texas shooting range

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Jurors in Texas have been played voice mail messages left for 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle by the man charged with his murder.

“Kind of a sad day when it rains. It’s a good sad,” said one of four messages left by Eddie Ray Routh for Mr Kyle before their fatal visit to a gun range . “Rain will come and rains will leave. I guess that’s what they do.”

Mr Routh, a troubled former Marine, is accused of shooting dead Mr Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield in February 2013. His lawyer said he was not legally sane at time of the incident. He has pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder.

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Jeff Shaffer, a former Secret Service agent who now specialises in cybersecurity and computer forensics, analysed the calls and said Mr Kyle, 38, and Mr Routh, 27, spoke several times, the Associated Press said. Those calls lasting between two and 15 minutes each.

Mr Kyle’s call logs show that in addition to receiving two calls from his wife, Taya, he had missed calls from people close to Mr Routh. Mr Routh's girlfriend, Jennifer Weed, tried to call Kyle at 1.37 pm and 6.14 pm on the day of his death, along with Mr Routh's mother, who called the former Navy SEAL at 6.06 pm.

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State District Judge Jason Cashon confers with court appointed defence lawyer Warren St John (L) and Erath Assistant District Attorney Jane Starnes

Mr Kyle, whose memoir was turned into a recently released movie directed by Clint Eastwood, regularly worked with veterans after retiring from the military. He offered to try and help Mr Routh after the younger man’s mother got in touch with him.