Toys R Us 'angels' donate almost $40,000 to pay off debt on children's toys

Mysterious women have not sought any recognition for their actions in US stores of Toys R Us

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Lucky shoppers in two of Massachusetts' Toys R Us stores were treated to a special Christmas surprise after anonymous donors paid for all the reserved presents – worth almost $40,000.

Two women – who have chosen to remain anonymous – spent $20,000 and $19,600 in a store in Auburn on Wednesday and another in Bellingham on Friday, paying off customers’ debts on ‘layaway’ gifts.

“We have had many accounts of layaway Santas, layaway angels, just good Samaritans,” said Toys 'R' Us spokeswoman Adrienne O’Hara told the Boston Globe.

In total 275 reserved orders were paid for by the mysterious donors, who have been nicknamed the “layaway angels” by local US media.

"I have no words. I can't believe someone would do that, it's so nice,” Diane Brewer told Fox25 when she heard that her orders had been paid for. She had been struggling to find extra shifts to pay for the presents for her children this Christmas.

A 'layaway' is an agreement whereby a customer purchases an item in installments. It is similar to taking a item home on debt and then slowly repaying the shop, but customers cannot collect their purchase until the full price is paid. It can also be known as 'ghetto financing' and many US stores have discontinued the practise.

"With all the craziness going on, it actually makes your heart feel pretty good," added Jill Levy of Bellingham.



Ms O’Hara reported that some customers had broken down in tears upon hearing the good news.

Jason Wood, who had made the eight-hour journey from Grafton to Bellingham to pick up Christmas gifts for his 6-month-old baby and five-year-old daughter, commented: “I wish there were more people like that”.

Mr Wood used the money he would have spent to buy presents for Toys for Tots, an organisation that collects unused toys and gives them to less fortunate children around America.

He told Fox25: “You got to pay it forward.”