Anti-gay leader Scott Lively planning run for US Congress

Mr Lively would like to improve ties with Russia and stop the homosexual agenda

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Fresh off his defeat for the gubernatorial seat of Massachusetts – in which he got less than 1 per cent of the vote – anti-gay minister Scott Lively has said he is considering a run for the US House of Representatives.

On top of Mr Lively’s agenda, should he run, is a strengthening of relations between the US and Russia and stamping out the so-called homosexual agenda.

Mr Lively, the president of Defend the Family, an organization defending Biblical views on marriage and family, wrote on the right-wing website Barbwire that he hasn’t made his decision, but is leaning toward running for the seat currently occupied by Rep. Richard Neal, a Democrat.

“Is there any other first-world nation standing up against the homosexual agenda like Russia is doing?” Mr Lively wrote on why he supports strengthening ties with Russia.

When he ran for governor of Massachusetts, Mr Lively was a registered independent. He switched to Republican shortly after his defeat, likely to get more support if and when he runs for the US House.

Mr Lively previously has courted controversy with anti-gay statements, such as his calling homosexuality a mental illness and saying that gay men are sociopaths and serial killers.

He is believed to have played a hand in Uganda’s homophobic law, which was voided in August but suggested life imprisonment for homosexuals, though he denies this. A video below shows him speaking on homosexuality.


To win a Congressional seat, Mr Lively would have to defeat Mr Neal, who has been a US representative since 1989. The election for that seat will be held in November 2016.


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