April Fools' 2014: Waitress given her dream job and $1,000 in Best Shift Ever prank

The selfless waitress spends her free time running a yoga class to help people with eating disorders

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From putting a stock cube into the shower head so your flatmate smells like veg broth, to sticking tape over the laser on a colleague’s mouse so it doesn’t work, April fool’s day pranks are notoriously nasty.

So, to show that pranks don’t have to be cruel, a popular YouTube channel tricked a hardworking waitress by giving her the best shift ever.

In the introduction to the heart-warming video, which will see its makers Break donate money to charity with every view it receives, presenter Kevin Brueck explains why Springstreet Smoke House waitress Chelsea Roff deserves a ‘positive prank’.

“She struggled financially, had to raise her little sister from when she was just a girl, overcame a severe eating disorder, and her car is a complete piece of junk," he says.

 “The limited free time that Chelsea does have is spent running her own non-profit that helps people recover from eating disorders through yoga. If anybody could use a break, it’s Chelsea.

“So today we’re going to ‘prank it forward’ by sending in some of the best tippers we’ve got to see if we can give Chelsea the best shift ever,” he adds.

During the prank, fake customers tip Chelsea $1,000, an all-expenses paid trip for two to Hawaii, a dream job offer, and a free car.

When her old friend and first yoga teacher Diana Roehl gets out of the new car she is given by a customer, Chelsea realises she has been fooled.

“You’ve just had the best shift ever!” says the 'customer', as Chelsea screams and leaps outside the restaurant.