Arizona airport worker charged with stealing $160,000 diamond ring traded the valuable jewel for a $20 bag of weed

He later admitted to the police that he had made a mistake

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A former UPS worker has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing a $160,000 diamond ring and then trading the valuable item for a $20 bag of marijuana.

Walter Earl Morrison, who was promptly dismissed from his job as a result of the incident, was working for the delivery company at Sky Harbor Airport in Pheonix Arizona when it is claimed he nabbed the jewel.

Court records indicate that he stuffed the ring under his shirt, thinking it contained cash, before trading it for a few grams of marijuana, ABC Arizona reported. He later told police he had made a mistake when questioned.

UPS  said the stolen ring was recovered after Morrison was caught and has been delivered to its intended recipient.

The 22-year-old Arizona resident was not available for comment.