Baby squirrel recovers from falling 75 feet out of nest thanks to miniature cast

Cast appears huge on the tiny animal

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A baby squirrel who fell out of her nest and suffered a broken ankle is now on the mend, after staff at a wildlife rehabilitation centre managed to fashion a miniature cast.

Staff at the City Wildlife Centre said the animal was brought into them after falling 75 feet from her nest onto a concrete sidewalk in Washington.

The squirrel is fast becoming an internet sensation, thanks to a video of the baby being fed while wrapped in bandages that are almost as big as she is.

The organisation also uploaded a picture of the squirrel, who is believed to be about six weeks old, on their Facebook page after mending her ankle with a bright pink cast.

In a post, staff said: "She suffered a bloody nose, a broken tooth, and a broken ankle. Luckily, just like children, this squirrel is young enough that her ankle should heal very quickly. Send her your well wishes on a speedy recovery!”

Staff there said they change her bandages every three days and the squirrel should be cast-free within four weeks, where she will then be released into the wild.