'Banksy of LA' Plastic Jesus protests against Kardashians with rogue parking signs

Plastic Jesus, otherwise known as 'the Banksy of LA', side-eyed the Kardashian family through the medium of an art installation

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An LA artist has taken a stand against the Kardashian regime by putting a series of signs up across the city.

Plastic Jesus, as he’s known, has created an installation in Hollywood comprising of parking signs across Hollywood exclaiming "No Kardashian Parking Anytime".

Taking a swipe at Kim and her many family members, the Plastic Jesus told the Hollywood Reporter that the inspiration for his work came after he saw swathes of paparazzi photographing two of the many Kardashian sisters exiting a shop in West Hollywood.

He told THR: "The Kardashian family has become ingrained in our culture. We've allowed mainstream media to become so profit-driven, we are sacrificing genuine news stories to satiate our vapid celebrity obsessions."

He put up the same version of the sign across different locations in the city, and posted a picture on his Instagram account. When a user commented on the picture saying that he’d inadvertently incriminated himself by posting it, Plastic Jesus replied: “they are being removed tomorrow morning. Mission accomplished. "Fortune favors the brave" [sic].

Other works by the eccentric artist include a copy of the Oscar statute snorting cocaine, which he revealed just before the awards in February earlier this year.