Barack won't help me, says 'destitute' George Obama


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A half-brother of President Barack Obama who this time four years ago was living in a hut in a Nairobi slum acknowledges in a new documentary that he still has not received any material help from the most powerful man in the world. Resentful, though, he apparently is not.

"I think he has family of his own," George Obama, 30, is seen telling the conservative film-maker, Dinesh D'Souza in the documentary, 2016: Obama's America, based on a book by Mr D'Souza that explores how the President's alleged anti-colonialist passion has coloured his rule.

In a promotional clip, Mr D'Souza is heard explaining that he had been intrigued by the stories in 2008 about George and his plight and had felt compelled to track him down. His real motive – to shame the President – is not hard to fathom, however.

"He's particularly interesting," D'Souza says of George, "because he lives in rubble on a few dollars a day while his powerful brother doesn't lift a finger to help him."

But it is not clear that those are still his circumstances. In the clip, Mr Obama is seen talking to Mr D'Souza in neatly pressed clothes on a park bench. He is the co-author of a book about his life, Homeland.

Mr Obama refuses to criticise his half-sibling. "I'm a member of his family, but I'm over-age, so I help myself," he responds.