Playful beluga whale photobombs the governor of Connecticut at a press conference

Like a pro, the governor wasn't distracted by the huge white whale floating behind him

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A fairly ordinary press conference in the US was made much more interesting when a curious beluga whale photobombed Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy.

The state's governor was giving a speech on the growth of the tourism industry in Connecticut at an aquarium in the town of Mystic.

Halfway through the conference the whale, named Juno, swam up behind the governor, stealing his limelight through the glass tank.

Like a pro, the governor keeps going, either unfazed or unaware that he's just been upstaged by a 12-foot long white whale.

It's not the first time that this whale has had 15 minutes of fame. Beluga whales are very intelligent animals, as shown by the video of Juno looking intently through an artist's sketchbook at the aquarium.

Another video, which went viral a few years ago, shows Juno being serenaded by a Mariachi band.

Obviously he's no stranger to cute viral videos, but if Juno's moving into political publicity stunts, then that could spell danger for the state's politcians.