Ben Carson: The Republican candidate's views on planned parenthood, gun control and abortion

The former doctor is one of ten candidates taking part in the Republican debate

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The 63-year-old former doctor is a favourite of American conservatives. Many people also like the fact that he is not a professional politician.

Planned parenthood:

In the aftermath of a sting video that saw a senior official from the women's health care provider talking about the sale of feotal tissue, Mr Carson launched a petition on his own website to call for an end for federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

"Congress must act NOW! Please sign my petition to Congress demanding that they stop all public funds to Planned Parenthood," he said. "I spent my whole life caring for children. What I see in this video is barbaric. Congress must ACT!"

Gun control:

Two years ago Mr Carson made comments that some took to see as supporting gun control, albeit it in a limited way. Earlier this year he took the chance to clarify that he supported the right to bear arms, as gun advocates claim is provided to the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

"Just for the record, let me be extremely clear, I am extremely pro–Second Amendment, no question about it,” he told a rally of gun-owners.


Mr Carson is a stanch opponent of abortion and has said there should be no abortion available for convenience and that the idea itself is repugnant. He thinks adoption should be made more easily available.

He once wrote: "My entire professional life has been devoted to saving and enhancing lives. Thus, the thought of abortion for the sake of convenience does not appeal to me. I have personally met several people who have told me that their mothers had considered abortion, but happily decided against it."