Bernie Sanders supports anti-Donald Trump protests: 'People are angry'

The US Senator also says it is time for a serious discussion on a system that gives someone the presidency despite not winning the popular vote

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Bernie Sanders has given his support to those protesting against Donald Trump and has questioned the Electoral College system. 

During an interview with USA Today, the US senator from Vermont said it was time for a serious discussion on a system that gives someone the presidency despite them not getting the most votes.

In a direct address to those who were campaigning, Mr Sanders said he understood why there was disagreement with Mr Trump, and said that people did not want "to go back" to echoes of past discrimination and bigotry

“People are angry. People are upset. And they want to express their point of view that they are very frightened, in very, very strong disagreement with Mr Trump, who has made bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign,” Mr Sanders told USA Today.

“I think that people are saying, ‘Mr Trump, we have come too far in this country fighting discrimination and bigotry. We’re not going back. And if you’re going to continue that effort, you’re going to have to take us on.’

“We may want to take a look at the whole Electoral College, which is seating a man for president who didn’t get the most votes. This is something we need a serious discussion on,” he added.

Protests against Trump surge in cities across US

Mr Sanders was also asked if he thought he would have been able to beat Mr Trump if he had received the Democratic Party nomination over Hilary Clinton. 

“The answer is, I don’t know. Nobody knows. I certainly wish I had had that opportunity. Some of the polls out there suggest that might have been the case,” Mr Sanders said.

It remains unclear if Mr Sanders will be running for another term in the Senate in 2018 but when asked he said: “Probably, but I haven’t made that decision”.