Black Friday 2016: Opening hours for Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other nationwide stores

Time for bargains a-plenty

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Black Friday is back. Forget the election, Brexit, and goodbye to Thanksgiving - retail therapy is a great way to get a quick, feel-good hit and it's also wonderful way to burn off the calories from that turkey sandwich.

Most of the nation’s largest and most popular stores will be open on Friday, so never fear - keen shoppers can start buying their Christmas presents early.

Some stores have been vague about their opening and closing times, and have only confirmed they will be open. Opening hours also depends on the retailer’s location.

Barnes & Noble: opens 8am, closes 10pm

Bed, Bath & Beyond: opens 6am

Best Buy: Opens 8am

Costco: opens 9am, closes 8.30pm

Dick’s Sporting Goods: opens 5am, closes 10pm



Gap: 6pm overnight to 10pm Black Friday, depending on mall hours

Hobby Lobby: opens 8am, closes 9pm

Home Depot: opens 5am

JC Penney: overnight until 10pm on Black Friday

Kmart: 7pm overnight to 2pm Friday

Kohl’s: 6pm overnight to Black Friday

Lowe’s: opens 6am

Macy’s: open 6am to 10pm

The video that shows how different Black Friday is in the US and the UK

Office Depot: opens 6am

Old Navy: 4pm overnight to midnight Black Friday

RadioShack: 8am to 1pm

Sam’s Club: opens 7am

Sears: Opens 5am. Sales will be available online and in stores until 1pm Black Friday

Staples: opens 6am

Target: 6pm overnight to late Black Friday

TJ Maxx: opens 7am, closes 10pm

Toys R Us: open straight from 5pm Thanksgiving for 30 hours

Walgreens: 7am to midnight

Walmart: most stores open 24 hours but the sale starts 6pm on Thanksgiving