'Black guy breaks into a car' viral video actually a bit phony

Video may be subject to 'shady editing'

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A YouTube video showing the different reactions from the police and public when a black man and white man break into a car in LA predictably racked up millions of hits this week, but did anyone give it a closer look before they hit share?

As the two filmmakers take it in turns to break into a planted car we see pretty much everyone turn a blind eye for the white guy and the police swoop in when the black guy tries his hand, but while admittedly shocking, was it a fair test?

The first break-in took place in Little Tokyo, while the second is curiously transported to Hollywood Blvd, a tourist area where there is likely to be a higher density of police.

Furthermore, the siren that erupts each time a participant works on the car's lock may well have been inserted during editing, as not a single passer-by seems to bat an eyelid despite a loud noise suddenly blaring out two feet away from them.

As one Reddit user noted: "This whole video just reeks of shady editing."

This is not to say that there isn't any validity to the video's findings whatsoever, and racial equality in terms of policing is a very important thing to question, but in a world where creating a viral video can be immensely profitable, not everything should be taken at face value no matter how perfectly it reinforces your viewpoint and stokes your outrage.