#CakewithCashmerette: Blogger starts online movement after troll tells her to 'eat less cake'

Jenny Rushmore said she had been 'overwhelmed' by the positive response to her post

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A British blogger’s excellent response to an online troll has been celebrated by women across social media networks.

Jenny Rushmore, who is based in the US, posted a picture of a swimming costume she intended to make with the caption “#BeachBodyReady”, but the image was criticised by an online troll.

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In the now deleted comment, Ms Rushmore told the Guardian the troll wrote “something along the lines of ‘ugh, you don’t have a beach body. You should eat less cake’.”

Taking the body-shaming jibe in her stride the blogger – who writes on Cashmerette about how sewing helped her to be more body confident – followed up the post with a defiant message for the troll.

Adding a postscript to her note, she addressed the troll "who fat shamed me this morning in a comment and suggest I eat less cake: as you can see from this pic my life is just a sad mess, so I'm glad you've helped steer my dietary choices, cheers! #effyourbeautystandards#CakeWithCashmerette


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In response, friends and fellow bloggers picked up her hashtag #CakeweithCashmerette and the movement spiralled.

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So far there have been almost 200 Instagram posts of women eating cake, chocolate, biscuits and donuts – and celebrating their body shape.

Ms Rushmore said she had been “overwhelmed” by the response.

“I think body-shaming hits a nerve with a lot of women, and increasingly people want to fight back,” she told the newspaper. “And what better and tastier way to fight back than with cake?”