California man Christopher Viatafa surrenders to police after googling own name and discovering himself listed as ‘most wanted’

The 27-year-old now faces charges of discharging a firearm toward an inhabited dwelling

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A man in California has handed himself in to police after he googled his own name and found he was listed as one of the state’s “most wanted” fugitives.

Given the nature of his alleged crime, 27-year-old Christopher Viatafa may have been surprised to be searching the web and come across his own picture at the top of an online wanted poster.

According to police, Mr Viatafa got into an argument on 8 August last year during a private party at an old people’s home in San Leandro, CA.

He then allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds into the ground, before he was persuaded to leave.

Mr Viatafa may well have thought nothing more of the incident – until he found his name on the regional Northern California Most Wanted website.

A spokesperson for the San Leandro Police Department told that Mr Viatafa came to them to say he had seen his name on the site, run by a group of state and federal agencies working as the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center.

“That is why he turned himself in,” police said.

Mr Viatafa now faces charges of discharging a firearm toward an inhabited dwelling, and has had his listing on the website changed to read “captured”.