Chess champion plays three games simultaneously, blindfolded... and wins, of course

Magnus Carlsen, a chess grandmaster since 2004, was unruffled as he beat all three challengers in charity match

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How good at chess do you need to be to play three matches simultaneously, blindfolded, and still win?

The 24-year old chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen did just that at the recent Sohn Investment Conference in New York.

Carlsen played three matches against the clock, all at the same time and while wearing a blindfolded, forcing him to visualise the moves on three separate chess boards.

Even so, he barely broke a sweat as he good-humouredly beat all his challengers, even taking time to remark to one of them after they made a move, "that was risky".

Carlsen became a chess grandmaster in 2004 and is currently rated the top chess player in the world.

The Sohan Investment Conference supports research into paediatric cancer.