Children's 'Scarface' becomes YouTube hit

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A kiddie-remake of Brian De Palma’s violent and expletive-ridded gangster film ‘Scarface’ has become an internet hit after a performance by Bartonville, Illinois elementary school pupils was posted on YouTube.

Four children dressed in wigs, suits and spats re-enact the 1983 movie, which starred Al Pacino as Tony Montana aka Scarface, the story of a Cuban immigrant who takes over a drugs and crime empire in Miami.

The movie's infamous dialogue has been adapted so that the children of around six or seven-years-old say “Motherfudger” and “Son of a B”, rather than the swear words. A swimming pool in the film is replaced by a paddling pool, cocaine is replaced by popcorn and the kids brandish plastic guns.

The two-minute scene depicts Scarface being gunned down, before which the child playing him confidently faces the audience, oversized yellow plastic machine gun in hand, and utters the immortal line: “Say hello to my little friend. Take that you cockroaches!” before appearing to fire at the audience.

Debate has been raging online as to the video’s authenticity, with experts commentating that the production value and camera work is too good to have been amateur. claims it is "a cleverly mocked up pro job by one of Lady Gaga's directors." While Fort Worth Weekly claims the clip "didn't originate from Illinois, but from a couple of music video directors who cast professional child actors."

Real or fake, the video has been criticised in some comments on the YouTube page as inappropriate material for children to act out. However, overall the response seems to be amusement rather than outrage.

See for yourself: