Matilda Battersby

Matilda Battersby is Digital Arts Editor for The Independent. She writes arts breaking news, features, music and theatre reviews and lifestyle pieces.

The objectification of men

When faced with everyday problems (such as the fact that you might be hanged) everyone knows that the best thing to do is to rip off your shirt and start mining with a frenzy that shows off your sculpted pecs to their very best, sweaty advantage.

The art of infertility

As artist Stuart Semple raises awareness of female egg donation and the problems of conceiving with artworks on display across the country, Matilda Battersby looks at the history of art and infertility, as opposed to the images of pregnant bellies that are everywhere in art

Female cartoonist is finally free

Iranian cartoonist, Atena Farghadani, has already posted a new cartoon on Facebook. Matilda Battersby reports on her case, why her art was so controversial, and her next moves

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