Clowns allegedly assaulted woman, put out cigarette on her face in Oklahoma

This is the latest in the 'killer clown craze' that has swept the US and parts of the UK

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Oklahoma police are on the lookout for two persons of interest in a case involving two clowns who allegedly assaulted a woman on the side of the road. 

Clowns are becoming a widespread problem throughout the US, as tales of costumed and masked men multiply with each news story that reaches viral status on the Internet. 

The incident in Pryor, Oklahoma, is one of the more violent clown reports in recent months. 

Hayes County sheriffs say a witness reported that two men dressed as clowns allegedly dragged a woman out of their Dodge minivan, assaulted her, and burned her face with a lit cigarette. They reportedly wrote “clown posse” on her face.

WSOC TV reported that the victim was treated by emergency responders at the scene. Deputies said that she appeared shaken up by the apparent attack. 

Investigators believe this to be a random assault.

People across more than ten states have reported several incidents involving suspicious clowns – some hoaxes, others involved apparent lurkers. The problem has become so widespread that local police departments have issued warnings discouraging residents from dressing as clowns.