Donald Trump appears for jury duty in New York City

Tycoon had been called to serve previously but did not show up

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Is there anything that Donald Trump cannot do?

Over the weekend, the tycoon and White House wannabe charmed visitors to the Iowa State Fair, offering free helicopter rides to fair-goers and relishing his apparent ability to turn all the rules of political candidacy on their head. He told the media he had so far made no mistakes..

On Monday, the 69-year-old was was set to add another feather to his cap by cementing his sense of civic duty by appearing for jury duty. Mr Trump arrived at a court in New York on Monday morning. The scenes broadcast on television were unsurprisingly chaotic.

Mr Trump had been called previously for duty but did not appear. His campaign said that the businessman had not received those letters as they had been sent to an address where Mr Trump did not live.

The Associated Press said that in celebrity-saturated New York City, it is not unusual for famous names to be picked to show up in potential jury pools. Among them have been Caroline Kennedy, Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Madonna.

Reports said the 75 or more potential jurors greeted the Republican front-runner with murmurs. A court officer escorted him to a seat in the front row.

Mr Trump later took a 20-minute break to talk on his phone in the hall. While returning to the jury assembly room, he took a selfie with an attorney he encountered and signed a sketch artist's drawing. Some onlookers booed when he left for the lunch break in his limousine.