Donald Trump's approval rating approaches record low

Latest poll shows waning support among US President's core base of white, male voters

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Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached a near record low as support from the US President's core base begins to falter. 

Just 36 per cent of Americans approved of the Republican leader, while 58 per cent disapproved - a drop of two percentage points since April. 

The latest Quinnipiac University poll showed waning support among the former real estate mogul’s previously loyal base.

White voters with no college degree largely approved of the President in April, with 57 per cent believing he was doing a good job. However, this figure has now plummeted to 47 per cent.

Male voters were also wavering in their support, with 48 per cent approving of the president, down from 53 per cent last month. 

Voters also found the president to be increasingly dishonest, with 61 per cent believing he is not honest compared to 58 per cent in the last poll. 

The survey was conducted just a day before Mr Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who had been investigating allegations of Russian collusion in his presidential campaign. 

In April, Mr Trump received the lowest approval rating of his presidency so far, at 35 per cent.