Donald Trump calls for release of sailors from Iran hours after they had been set free

The 10 US sailors were freed from Iranian authorities at 8.43 am GMT, hours before Trump called for their release


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Donald Trump called for the release of 10 US sailors who were detained in Iran - hours after they had already been released.

The sailors were allowed to leave Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf at 8.43am GMT - 3.43am Eastern Time - and were returned to US custody.

They had been held overnight for ‘trespassing’ in Iranian territory, shaking nerves in the few days leading up to a deal on nuclear between the US and Tehran.

The US Department of Defense released a statement this morning at 6.30am GMT to say that the sailors had been released and were not harmed.

However Donald Trump, believing they were still being held in foreign waters, posted this tweet around 7am Eastern Time:

According to Business Insider, Mr Trump said on Tuesday that the Iranians “like to taunt us because they don’t have respect for our leaders”.

Mr Trump said he would be “much tougher” than President Obama on US treatment of Iran, which has so far involved working together to curtail Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

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The Department of Defense said the Navy will investigate why the sailors ended up in Iran after their boat reportedly had mechanical issues.