Donald Trump demands that Hillary Clinton apologize for calling him 'Isis's best recruiter'

Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that Donald Trump's anti-Muslim comments had helped Isis recruit fighters

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Donald Trump on Monday demanded an apology from Hillary Clinton over what he called baseless allegations that Isis is using his controversial comments on Muslims to recruit supporters. 

Ms Clinton at a Saturday debate with fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls said that Mr Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country earlier this month had played into the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) armed group’s agenda. 

“He is becoming Isis's best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” she said.

US political watchdog publication PolitiFact reported after the debate that a Google search showed no evidence for Ms Clinton’s claim that Isis had utilised Mr Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric to incense Muslims against what Isis has portrayed as a Western-led war on Islam. 

Mr Trump on Monday took to Twitter demanding that Ms Clinton retract her comments. 

“I demand an apology from Hillary Clinton for the disgusting story she made up about me for purposes of the debate. There never was a video,” Mr Trump said.

On Sunday, Mr Trump lambasted Ms Clinton, saying her Isis comments amounted to “just another Hillary lie.” 

Mr Trump cited a controversy during Ms Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid, when she said she had come under sniper fire when her airplane landed in Bosnia in 1996. Ms Clinton then admitted she had made “a mistake” when several media outlets released footage of her arrival that showed she and her daughter Chelsea, who was also on the trip, were in no apparent danger. 

Ms Clinton was not immediately available for comment to The Independent