Donald Trump: Florida rally warm-up act featuring young girls dancing labelled 'sickening'

The 'USA Freedom Kids' performed a song and dance routine to support Donald Trump's presidential bid

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Donald Trump's opening act at his Florida rally, featuring dancing young girls, has been compared to North Korean propaganda and branded "sickening". 

The "USA Freedom Kids", a trio dressed in American-flag dresses, performed a song and dance routine to support Mr Trump's presidential bid.

The song addressed key themes Mr Trump has discussed during his often controversial campaign.

Lyrics include: "When freedom rings / Answer the call / On your feet / Stand up tall / Freedom’s on our shoulders / USA!".

They also reference Mr Trump's foreign policy: "Enemies of freedom / Face the music / Come on, boys - take ‘em down / President Donald Trump knows how / To make America great / Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

When POLITICO shared the video on Facebook, one commentor, Rob Lane, wrote: "This feels more like something I'd expect from North Korea... sickening."

Another, Ashley Abedini, wrote: "It is so adorable how these cute kids are dancing to promote a racist / homophobic / warmonger. Warms your heart really."

On Monday 18 January, MPs will debate for three hours on whether to ban Donald Trump from the UK. 

More than 570,000 people signed a petition demanding a debate in Parliament.