Donald Trump heading for the Mexico border as he opens up big lead in the polls

The presidential candidate likely will make more headlines on Thursday

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Donald Trump has dominated headlines about the 2016 presidential race since he launched his campaign last month.

Most of those headlines have been negative - especially his comments about illegal immigrants and John McCain - but the negative publicity has not hurt his standing in the polls.

He now has opened a double-digit lead over his nearest competitor, according to the latest Post-ABC News poll. On the heels of that poll, Mr Trump has announced he will travel to the Mexico-US border, where he undoubtedly will make additional headlines.

In the recent poll, Mr Trump was supported by 24 per cent of registered Republicans and Republican-inclined independent voters.

The next-closest candidate was Scott Walker, who was the favorite of 13 per cent of responders, followed by Jeb Bush, with 12 per cent.

After sparking controversy by referring to Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and "criminals", Mr Trump said on Wednesday that he would be visiting Laredo, Texas, a majority-Latino border town.



Mr Trump will go on a tour with Border Patrol agents and will meet with a local Border Patrol union, NBC News reported. He is also expected to speak with reporters.

Stay tuned for the theatrics that have already become a staple of Mr Trump's presidential campaign.

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