Daughter of Donald Trump’s lawyer calls criticism of father tweeting picture of her posing in lingerie ‘degrading’

‘To try to paint my family as incestual is degrading and downright disgusting’

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The daughter of Donald Trump’s lawyer who shared a picture of her posing in lingerie on social media, has called those criticising his post, "degrading and downright disgusting".

Michael Cohen tweeted the black-and-white picture of his daughter Samantha posing in her bra and underwear. 

“So proud of my Ivy league daughter… brains and beauty channelling her Edie Sedgwick,” he wrote next to it, alongside a link to her Instagram account

The post was widely pilloried on social media, with some users dubbing “creepy” and “bizarre”.

One user, Bonnie Bratner, called it “f****** gross”.

Mr Cohen responded directly to a number of users, explaining that the picture was a recreation of a famous photograph from the 1960s of it girl Edie Sedgwick. 

But Ms Cohen also released a statement about the picture to Time Magazine’s Motto

“To try to paint my family as incestual is degrading and downright disgusting," she said.  

She added that the response to the tweet was an “example of the media blowing things out of proportion and using an easy target, a young woman, as a vehicle to tear down other young women”.

Her father does not find her “hot”, she said, adding that sharing a professional photograph of her in lingerie does not equate to her father sexualising her.

Mr Cohen shared the image because he was proud of her and there is nothing sexualised or inappropriate about the photograph, she said.

Those seeking to term it otherwise were “Trump haters who are using this as an opportunity to stir up drama”, she added.