Texas mother under investigation after throwing out 7-year-old for 'voting' Donald Trump

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A Texas mother who kicked her seven-year-old son out of her house after he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election has been cleared of wrongdoing by police. 

The video, that was published on Friday, showed the woman berating the boy as a “Donald Trump lover” and pushing him out the door with a suitcase and a cardboard sign revealing his voting preference. 

However, Detective Joe Luera from Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office told local media that investigators had found no evidence of a crime. 

The mother was interviewed by police and Child Protective Services after she posted the video on her Facebook page.

Detective Luera said he had met the family and the boy, who appeared to be in good health.

Many have called for the mother to face charges after the boy was seen screaming in horror in the footage. 

“Since you voted for Donald Trump. You can get your shit and get out,” said the mother. 

She then hands him the cardboard sign and says: “So when the people see you outside, they know why you're standing out there.”

“You wanna vote for him, I'm going to show ya. Get your suitcase and get out. We don't do Donald Trump here.”

The mother then shuts the front door, leaving her son crying outside in the driveway.

The video then sees the child pulling his suitcase to the pavement where he stands holding the sign.

The mother can be heard saying: “bye Donald Trump lover,” to which the child responds, “but I got school tomorrow.”

When his mother pushes him as to why he voted for the Republican, he replies: “because I see him on TV a lot”. 

On Friday the video had been shared more than 200,000 times. Police have said the investigation remains open.