Donald Trump rated women's beauty and looks and asked for their breast size, former Apprentice contestant claims

'Regardless of what he's talking about, he tends to integrate people's looks, or their attire, or some physical attribute that they may have'

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A former contestant on The Apprentice has accused Donald Trump of making sexist remarks on the show.

His comments come after a former producer said there were "far worse behind the scenes tapes from that show" than the video of Mr Trump bragging about groping women.

Gene Folkes, a contestant on the show in 2010, said that Mr Trump was initially "quite charming and engaging", but quickly began to comment on the contestant's looks.

He even claims Mr Trump asked one contestant about her breasts and breast size.

"Regardless of what he's talking about, he tends to integrate people's looks, or their attire, or some physical attribute that they may have," he told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme.

"Whether that's a person's ethnicity, or their breasts, or their beauty."

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Mr Folkes said that when he first entered the show's boardroom with the other contestants, Mr Trump immediately looked at his advisors and said: "Wow, there's some really attractive people. And some really attractive women."

He said Mr Trump would pivot from talking about business and intelligence to beauty in a "quite surprising and not subtle" way.

"He was talking about smart people, and then he'll go into their beauty and their looks," he said.

"He asked us guys to rate the beauty of the women. I think this may have been on day one of filming. And then he asked the women to rate us."

Mr Folkes went on to talk about one occasion when Mr Trump asked a female contestant to twirl for him "to see her new outfit".

He said Mr Trump "commented on her physique and her attractiveness".

During an argument in the boardroom, Mr Folkes claims Mr Trump said the reason the female contestants had fallen out is because they were jealous of one contestant who was "so attractive, she's beautiful".

Mr Folkes said the producers of the show heard Mr Trump's comments: "This didn't happen off camera. They either edited it out or didn't include it."

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Mr Trump had a "very bully mentality," he added. "You couldn't stop him even if you wanted to."

MGM has said nothing will be released from the show, because of contractual and legal requirements.

Mr Trump's campaign office dismissed the claims as: "Outlandish and unsubstantiated."

Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred says she has been contacted by several women claiming they were sexually harassed or abused by Mr Trump.

Mr Trump and his companies have been accused of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at least 20 times in the past.

Out of 130 employment cases, 20 involved complains from women who described a culture of sexual harassment dating back to the early 1980s.