Drone captures breathtaking footage of a snow-covered New York

The video gives the city an eerie and ghost-like feel

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While the extreme weather hitting the North East of America has been causing travel hell for many and forcing even more people to stay inside, others have been making the most of the sub-zero temperatures.

Amidst all the chaos YouTuber Jonathan Harper has found a moment of calm and captured the beauty of New York City covered in the snow.

Using his trusty drone, he has filmed the city in a more peaceful and quiet state – it appears that the Big Apple does sleep sometimes. In fact, the lack of people and the eerie light gives the city a ghost-like post-apocalyptic feel to it.

According to Harper, the gusty wind caused the drone to wobble as times as it filmed the city.

Harper made the video on Monday as a light shower of snowflakes fell across New York. The drone soared over the city and flew through a snow-capped Central Park and along the Hudson River.