Clarence Blackmon: Elderly cancer patient who rang 911 because he had no food is inundated with donations from well-wishers

Clarence Blackmon has been receiving offers of help from across the US

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An elderly cancer patient who called 911 because he was hungry and had no food is receiving donations from hundreds of people across America who were moved by his story.

Clarence Blackmon was discharged from a private hospital in Fayetteville, in North Carolina, on Tuesday after spending months there for cancer treatment. The 81-year-old returned to his house without any supplies and anyone close by to call for help, leading him to call 911 in desperation and ask for food.

An hour-and-a-half later, Marilyn Hinson, the operator who answered that call, arrived at his front door with police carrying bags full of food and made him some ham sandwiches.

Mr Blackmon told ABC his phone has not stopped ringing a day after his story was shared by news outlets across the world.

"They keep bringing it in by the armloads," he said. "My cupboards are full. I've never had such prosperity.

"Simply, these are wonderful gifts. If I tried to consume all that's in my kitchen right now, what's in my cupboards, it would take me over a year!"

Fayetteville Officer Antoine Kincade said the police force has also been inundated with calls asking how they can assist him. “Folks are calling us directly, folks are calling our call centre, basically saying: “How can we help Mr Blackmon?”

Mr Blackmon now has a social worker assigned to him and is asking for donations to go to the Salvation Army to help other people in need.

"I want everyone that goes hungry, or lives under a bridge, at least they can go to the Salvation Army,” he said. “They can get some good food.”