Emma Sulkowicz: Student who carried mattress to highlight claim of rape brings prop to graduation

The student she claimed assaulted her was also present at New York ceremony

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A Columbia University student who carried a mattress around campus to publicly accuse a fellow student of rape graduated alongside her alleged attacker on Tuesday- and took her controversial prop to the ceremony.

Many students reportedly applauded in support of Emma Sulkowicz as she carried the bed on stage while accepting her diploma in New York on Tuesday.

The student whom Ms Sulkowicz accuses of being a 'serial rapist' who sexually assaulted her and two other women was also at the ceremony.

That student who has not been charged with a crime after the district attorney's office found there was a “lack of reasonable suspicion” and he is now suing the university.

She has vowed to carry the mattress around campus until her alleged attacker was expelled - and refused to shake the hand of President Lee Bollinger as she accepted her diploma.