Firefighter in critical condition after falling through roof while tackling fire in California - video

The firefighter had received second and third degree burns to 65 per cent of his body

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A firefighter in California is in a critical condition today after he fell through a roof while tackling a house fire in Fresno.

Disturbing footage from the fire on Sunday afternoon, shows the unnamed firefighter battling a blaze from the roof of a property near Central Fresno.

The video then shows the roof give way beneath him, causing the man to become engulfed by the flames below.

Warning: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing

Screams from shocked bystanders can be heard in the background, as man’s colleagues can be seen rushing to rescue the 25-year-old veteran of the department from the fire.

In total, it took the men between two and three minutes to tear away the garage door and pull the heavily burnt man from the blaze.

He was quickly taken to hospital by an ambulance crew where he currently remains in a critical condition.

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He underwent surgery on Sunday night to treat second and third degree burns on 65 per cent to 75 per cent of his body.

Fresno Fire Chief Kerri Donis: “I believe his burns were on his hands, around his face. He did have his mask intact. There were some other burns on his back, around his legs, so they're pretty much in all areas of his body.”

Witness Sooji Lee, who filmed the incident, said that the episode was traumatizing but it was important that she shared the video to show the way firefighters risk their lives every day.

She told ABC30: “That way they know the kind of position that these firefighters are put in, and that they do brave things every single day.

“It's a dangerous act that we call bravery, but firefighters call just another day at work.”

A statement of the Fresno Fire’s PIO read: “Thanks to all who have reached out to FFD. This is a difficult time for all of us and our thoughts and prayers are w/our FF and his family.”

The Fresno Fire Department, requested that the raw video be released to the public to show the dangers of firefighting.