Georgia Wawman: British woman dubbed the ‘Barbie Bandit’ arrested over burglaries in Argentina

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A British woman has been arrested over a spate of burglaries of luxury homes and country clubs in Buenos Aires, local media reported.

Georgia Wawman, 26, is suspected by local police of being involved with a gang of violent burglars and has reportedly been nicknamed the 'English boss' by local police. 

Ms Wawman’s blonde hair and blue eyes also earned her the nickname ‘Barbie Bandit’ by Argentinian press.

She was arrested on Thursday for allegedly being involved in several burglaries at gated communities in the north of the city.

The gang allegedly included Ms Wawman’s ex-boyfriend, Jose Mino, whose house police found her in with their two-year-old child.

Police reportedly conducted a dawn raid on the house intending to apprehend Mr Mino, but arrested Ms Wawman on suspicion of being an accomplice.

Mr Mino is allegedly a member of the gang, which is thought to have carried out at least 16 robberies in wealthy suburbs, reports the MailOnline.

Both Ms Wawman and Mr Mino were released on bail, but remain under investigation.

Ms Wawman is originally from Marlborough in Wiltshire, but moved to Argentina in 2006 to live with her stepmother, Laura Pereira de Mello, but later relocated to the capital to live with Mr Mino.

An email sent to Argentinian daily. Clarin, from someone purporting to be Ms Wawman’s mother claimed the police ”mistreated” her.

The email claimed the police “insulted” Ms Wawman, and said one of the officers “sang a song about the Falklands”, which intimidated her.

Claims that police forced Ms Wawman to stand for two hours while handcuffed and facing a wall, and was denied food and water were also in the email.

The email is thought to have come from her stepmother. Police have denied the allegations in the email, according to Clarins.