Google Earth captures ‘The Boneyard’

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The Independent US

The world’s biggest military aircraft graveyard, known as the ‘The Boneyard’, can now be seen in fantastic Google Earth satellite images which capture the strange and intricate patterns made by 2,600 acres of dilapidated planes.

At the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) near Tuscon, Arizona in the USA, four thousand planes previously used by the US Air Force over the last 60 years are now sprawled in neat rows, wings missing, engines gutted and fish tails broken.

The remnants of the white and blue machines do indeed resemble blanched bones from above and are an unusual addition to the dry, desert-like terrain surrounding them. The facility, designed in 1946, is a common resting place for obsolete engines and is used as a source for recycling spare parts.

Click here to see Google’s ‘Boneyard’ map in more detail