Head-cam video footage shows moment skydivers thrown from two planes in ball of flame after mid-air crash

Crash captured in vivid detail, with many on board prepared to film the dive

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Extraordinary head-cam footage has emerged of the moment two planes carrying skydivers crashed in mid-air near Lake Superior in Wisconsin, US, on Saturday.

NBC News acquired the video of the incident, filmed from a number of angles, in which the lives of nine thrill-seekers and two pilots were at risk.

Skydivers fall from the sky after the aircraft accidentally collided, causing one to erupt in flames

As one aircraft can be seen coming down onto the other, there is a jolt as they collide. The side of the plane is then engulfed in a fireball as most of the skydivers are thrown out by the impact.

All of the skydivers were highly experienced and able to navigate their way to safety, despite the falling debris. One pilot ejected himself from the plane which had its wing detached, while the other was able to land his nonetheless damaged aircraft.

The two planes crash in the air

Speaking about the incident in which he and his colleagues came so close to being killed, skydiving instructor Mike Robinson said: “It might've been a lot worse,” Mr Robinson said. “Everybody, to a person, responded just as they should, including the pilots.”

With the skydivers completing the showpiece final “sunset” dive of the day, and preparing to film themselves flying and then falling in formation, rarely has such a close scrape with disaster been captured quite so vividly on camera.

One of the skydivers escapes from the plane as the other comers flying towards them