Homeless man in coma after savage attack over claim he hit 10-year-old boy

The man was beaten unconscious with a hammer and a rocking chair leg after being accused of hitting a boy in a Philadelphia petrol station

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A homeless veteran is in a medically induced coma following a savage attack in a Philadelphia petrol station after a 10-year-old boy allegedly claimed he had been hit by him.

Aleathea Gillard’s son reportedly told her the man struck him when he was trying to earn some money filling up people’s cars.

She approached the owner of the petrol station who showed her video recordings from the day with nothing corroborating the son’s story.

She then allegedly drove with a car full of people to the petrol station and beat the homeless man unconscious using pepper spray, a hammer and a rocking chair leg.

The attackers, some of which are in their young teens, are seen to continue stamping on the man’s head and punching him in the face after he stops moving.

While the assault is still going on, one member of the group is seen pulling the ten-year-old out of the car to show him how they had taken revenge.

Since the event police have been unable to find any evidence the son was hit.

Thirty-four-year-old Gillard and accomplice, Shareena Joachim, 24, have been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Police have released footage of the attack and are looking for people to come forward with more information on the others in the video.