Huggies denies Photoshopping 'thigh gap' on to toddler model

Huggies denies it airbrushed the image of the toddler

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The Independent US

Huggies has denied digitally manipulating an image of a toddler to give it a ‘thigh gap’.

Melody, the mother of a young daughter posted the image of a Huggies advert on Reddit, saying “Is it just me or did this Huggies ad photoshop thigh gap on a toddler?”

Melody, from California, told Yahoo! Parenting: “The picture looks manipulated… like what you see in fashion magazines to make models look too thin and too perfect.”

"All babies are wonderful and super cute. A baby is perfect no matter what.”

Reddit users debated whether the image might have been retouched, with some claiming if there had been any changes perhaps the nappy was altered rather than the child and others suggesting some toddlers are just naturally thinner.

A spokesperson for Huggies denied photoshopping, telling The Independent: “We always use real-life customers and users of our products, and do not airbrush the bodies of the babies in our advertising and photography."

“At Huggies, we design our nappies and wipes with a hug in mind so that babies are happy and comfortable and parents can experience the joys of parenting without worrying about leaks and mess. All babies are different – and we look to celebrate those differences in our photography and communications.”

Kimberly-Clark stopped producing Huggies nappies in Europe in  2012, but they are still sold in other parts of the world.