Refugee who was master tailor in Syria comes to rescue of Canadian bride who suffered last minute dress malfunction

It turned out the bride’s neighbour was hosting a Syrian refugee family, one of whom had been a tailor for 28 years

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When the zip broke on Jo Du’s wedding dress, it was just hours before the ceremony and no one knew a tailor that was available on a Sunday.

The wedding photogtapher, Lindsay Coulter, suggested a bridesmaid head over to the neighbour’s house and ask for a pair of pliers.

What nobody had anticipated was that the neighbour in Guelph, Ontario, was hosting a Syrian refugee family, one of whom had worked as a master tailor for 28 years in Aleppo.

Ibrahim Halil Dudu, his son and the neighbour, David Hobson, came round with a sewing kit.

Ms Coulter wrote about the "incredible situation" on her Facebook page and shared photos of Mr Dudu fixing the bride's dress.

The Syrian family had moved to Canada just four days prior to the wedding, she said, and had been using Google Translate to communicate.

Mr Dudu’s son was reportedly curious, looking around at the bridal party, while his dad sewed the final stitches on Ms Du’s dress.

The groom, Earl Lee, told CTV: "We’re so lucky that happened to us."

Through a translator, Mr Dudu said: "I was so excited and so happy. I like to help Canadian people from my heart."

"Every weekend I take photos of people on the happiest days of their lives, and today one man who has seen some of the worst things our world has to offer came to the rescue," she wrote.

Ms Coulter added that she was "proud" to live in Canada, which has welcomed refugees from Syria and other countries.

"I'm in awe of the families who have welcomed these strangers in to their homes and lives, and I'm inspired by the resilience of the Syrian people.

"We are truly blessed," she wrote.

Ms Coulter set up a GoFundMe page to encourage donations to the tailor’s family and other Syrian refugee families who are placed under private sponsorship in Canada.